Friday, May 30, 2008

Graduation from Kindergarten

So today was the 'ceremony' in the dd's classroom. School ends next Wednesday but lets face it, they aren't doing anything of import for those 3 days. It was a very cute little flower ceremony thing they did and then the teacher passed out certificates like most helpful, best at sharing, best handwriting, most precise, etc. Basically just subdivisions of OCD's. Really we are doing nothing but breeding a bunch of need to be medicated children. Scary! The ceremony was so close to the end of the school day that the kids were allowed to go home with their parents. I had to go back to work so my kid had to stay. Her good friend Nestor (love that boy) was left also (his momma is the one who just gave birth) and that was it. All the other kids went home. So I just had to call his momma to let her know that we were the only two bad parents and we both had a good laugh. I was really glad she left him though. The dd would have been BENT if she was the only one left. Yup, she'd have never let that one go. His momma told me not to worry, she'd always be leaving her kids there, she's got 5 for crying out loud.

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