Friday, May 16, 2008


Yeah, with one f. So I'm flipping through the channels (and I swear they have different ones out here than they do in San Diego) and I come across the Stuf channel. This is kinda like when I came across CMT (with all those redneck comedians, sooo funny! Oh and Trick my Truck, gotta love that one.) only this was more like watching a train wreck. Apparently the PBR is coming to the Alamodome on May 17th so they are showing bullriding over and over again right now. Who on their right friggin mind would find this entertaining? Not watching it I mean doing it. Really now, most health and life insurance companies must be like hell no we don't cover that level of stupidity. I'm sure it's hard and an art form/sport yeah whatever but damn, why? Machismo? It looks sooo painful. Even when they don't fall off and are able to stay on for that 8 seconds. Those are 8 hard seconds. But why ride a bull? I don't even see the use in bronc riding. Hello, these are the days of the horse whisperer, why break a horse that is that pissed off? And bulls? No one ever needs to ride a bull. Oh I can't find my horse why don't I just hop on this here bull. Not. They are kept to breed not ride. Oh the prize money though? 10 million. No lie. Not worth it. Watch it sometime and tell me you don't agree. Stupid men. Really if that's what it takes to make you feel like a man you must be suffering from a serious lack of testosterone. Morons. Like watching a friggin train wreck.

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Trailboss said...

Love your humor! I watch some bullriding and I have had the same thoughts. If you watch the movie 8 seconds it will really make you wonder about such men/boys that bull ride.

Good luck w/your new job!