Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pregnancy and the crap shoot that it is

Not me, I swear! Well at least not yet, we'd like another but need me to be off of anti seizure meds first. Anyway my good friend had her baby shower yesterday. This is the one who has 4 adopted kids (ages 1yr, 2.5 yrs, 6, and 8) and her baby is due in 4 weeks. She showed up and it seems that she's been having high blood pressure problems and has a family history of high bp during pregnancy. She managed to sit, put up her feet, call her dr and he insisted that she go in to triage. Big surprise there! She was so funny, telling us she'd be back in an hour. Not. And we all knew that so it was no big. I was able to make an enormous 4 level 200 diaper diaper cake. My mother in law is here and she helped me out wrapping all the diapers up and putting bows on. For a mornings worth of work I must say it turned out very impressive. I took pics, just need to down load them. I will, promise! Oh and my friend was doing fine last night, they just kept her longer for observation. Today is her son's 1 yr b-day party so we'll see how she's doing later today...

*update* So she's on bed rest and will not hold still for 1 minute. She's got 4 weeks to go, she's going to go INSANE.

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