Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New job, loving it!!

Yeah back to the old mass spectrometry and boy does it feel good to have a regular paid job. So far I don't actually have an instrument, it's due in next week. Then I have to wait for the installation engineer to come in and install it. I am very happy I am starting early though because 1) It's money!! and 2) they have nothing I need to hit the ground running. I mean it's a doctor's office lab and they don't even have a scale to weigh out my standards much less the standards. Oh and no chemicals or cabinet to put them in (legal requirements). Yikes! All this also makes me feel more useful in my week without an instrument so I am not complaining. Plus now I'm on a super expensive shopping spree! Oh and I get to call on Donna, me previous mass spec co-worker, to get me a bunch of part numbers and companies so I can order this stuff with re-inventing the wheel! Love ya babe, thank you!


Trailboss said...

At least you can set it up like YOU want it. I can hear you now, "order this and that and 3 of those, etc etc" lol I think it's funny. Glad you are settling in.

deckert said...

Anytime Lady! I am glad I am still here and can help you. The guys say good luck and if you need any advice be sure to email. Have fun setting up the lab!