Friday, May 9, 2008

I interview well

Oddly, people seem to like my personality when I interview. The job market out here sucks something awful so I have applied for every job that comes up that I fit and have put in my application with the placement agencies too. One agency has got me 3 interviews, 2 at Southwest Research Institute. The first was for shift work, they offered me the job but with the dh and his 12 hour shifts I can't do shift work. The second was at the inorganic place that I worked for 2 weeks and the commute was so bad I had to quit. The 3rd interview I had this morning. I was done at 11:20 and got a call from the placement agency at 11:40 with the job offer. This placement agency loves me, I've been offered every job they've sent me to. How odd is that? My recruiter spent like 10 minutes on the phone with me going on and on about how awesome I interview. I was terribly amused since I'm not the most warm fuzzy person in the world. I do, however, know how to schmooze in an interview without over doing it. Plus lets face it, it was a lab full of women. It was a gimmie!


deckert said...

Hey Lady,

You are an extremely smart women so interviewing for you should be easy. Congrats on the new position and keep us posted as to how it goes. It's always fun to read your blog.

LOL, Donna

Trailboss said...

I can relate to what you say about interviews. The same thing has happened to me. I am never nervous at all. I just figure if they like me so be it, if not so be that too! The past 3 jobs I have had been offered to me by phone calls. The one I have now is the one I love love love. I plan on retiring from here. Good luck in the job market!

Lisa from Kentucky