Friday, May 2, 2008

We are at the end of the hall...

Our office at work is L shaped with the entrance being on the top end of the long side. The window offices are along one side, those of us in cubies are lined up inside. My partner and I are, literally, at the very end of the short length of the L near the back door exit. We love it, we are left alone and don't hear much of anything to bother us. Of course we also know if we hear footsteps it's most likely that they are coming down specifically to talk to us or sneak out the back door. Today somebody made a 'Broker Friday' comment. The place is dead and has been since 8 am. Really, no lie. I got here at my usual 9am and the lights were still off on our end. Maggie had a breakfast appt, JJ has a trip to the coast to fish (he did come in to make some phone calls, in his flip flops) and Jas was hosting a skeet shoot. He came in but left at 8 am for a beer run, no lie. Friggin Texas. At 2 pm our COO came down to make sure we didn't need anyone in the office because she was closing up shop at 3:30. Fine and dandy with me! So in just a short bit my butt is outta here!!

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