Monday, June 2, 2008

90-100 calories?

So is this the new magic number? Has anyone else noticed that all these individually wrapped snacks that boast either 90 or 100 calories? We buy these little snacks for the kid to take to school for her snack time. It's during class time so it isn't practical to send a fruit cup (too messy) or grapes (they get so squished in her back pack), instead she gets fruit sticks (love these) or these nifty little fruit 'n yogurt things. The problem is that she needs more than 90-100 calories. I swear she lives off of air, she's a terrible eater. When she visits her friend's the parents always give me an update with what she's eaten all day and it's better at other people's homes but their kids eat like two to three times as much as she does and you don't have to shove every bite down them. I swear my kid has taken chewing to an Olympic level. She can chew one bite for up to and beyond twenty minutes just to avoid taking another bite. I'll bet if I had a boy this wouldn't have been a problem. Of course I married the wrong man for breeding boys, everyone knew he would only have girls. And be able to do their hair all nice and pretty. Have I mentioned how many times inmates and other corrections officers have asked him if he's gay? It's gotten to the point of being tedious now. And really, the man loves women waaay too much to give them up.
But I digress, the point is that what is so special about 90-100 calories? I mean you are either going to eat the whole box of Oreos or you aren't, little bag o snacks be damned. Exercise, don't bother dieting! You either eat healthy or you don't, self control and exercise is what's going to get you there, not the little bag o snacks! Denial, that's the main problem with people. It's not the 7 deadly sins, it's denial. Think about it, all 7 of those sins are rooted in denial. The Catholic church just named their 7 favorites to make it so that people didn't have to think too hard about it. The Catholic church hates it when people go off and think for themselves. That's like their 8th deadly sin.....

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