Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's the little things

With the price of gas lately being astronomical we've been trying to limit driving (like the rest of the nation). So my drive to work is not that bad, 8 miles each way. The dh carpools so out of his 4 days on he only drives once (that's 168 miles total). We decided to get pizza two nights ago and there's only 1 Pizza Hut that services our area, we usually pick it up. We order pizza when we want food faster than we could prepare a meal, if we wait for delivery it defeats the purpose because it takes them 50 minutes or so to get it to us. So the dh calls in the order and sends me to go get it. Fine, I drive over and they haven't heard of our order. I call the dh and he had called the wrong store. He called the store further away in the opposite direction. Way to go, tossing gas down the drain! I was less than pleased.
So this morning I check my phone (dh leaves for work around 3 am) and there's a message from him at 3:49am. He says he can't remember if he locked his car and could I go and check for him? Now he doesn't tell me where it's at. I know from last week (when he had discussed with me his new car pool that he was switching to) that they were to meet at the HEB on Bandera. For those of you that don't know about San Antonio the HEB is the only brand of grocery store we have out here. We hate it but that's a whole other blog post. Oh and Bandera Rd is reeeally long and probably has no less than 10 HEB's on it. Last I heard he was meeting them at the one closest to us. Around 1pm I get the dogs in their crates and the kid in the car and drive on down to the HEB. Drive around the totally full lot (how many people are at the grocery store at 1pm on a Saturday do ya think, a lot?) for like 20 minutes. In my SUV. Pissing gas down the drain. Do I find his car? Oh hell no. Did he leave in his message where it was parked? Oh no, why would he do something like that when he could get me to waste gas like it was free? Right, so once again I was irritated with his complete and total lack of directions for a trip that I should not even be making. Hell the car is insured, steal it. I don't like the damn thing anyway. Ford did not make the new Mustangs for short people, especially the stick shifts. Plus he beats the crap out of his cars. He's ripped off the passenger side mirror on the side of the garage doorway. He ripped off the running board on the driver side. It smells like boy stink on the inside. I have no love for this poor car and we should really only buy him a p.o.s. because that's how he treats them anyway. But back to the story. I can't call him of course because cell phones are not allowed in prisons. I do call to leave him a message though letting him know hat I tried but could not find his car amongst the 200+ other in the lot. At 2:30 or so he calls me to see if I got his message and I explain to him how it went down. He then apologizes and tells me he parks his car near the paintball store. Um, the paintball store is halfway down Bandera Rd towards the city proper. And he says "Oh I didn't tell you that we changed where we were meeting?" Lets see, no. What a huge waste of time and money. It's the little things that make the difference, like changing locations by ummm like 5 miles. I'm hoping someone stole it. Maybe tomorrow he'll leave the keys in it and somebody will take it. Hey one can always dream right? I mean how often does that stupid amount of money you spend every month on your car insurance really come in handy?

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