Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random musings and the like

Fortunately other than the headache life here has been pretty dull. I have half an instrument set up at work so I don't have any real work yet. Once Thursday comes I'll have the installation engineer for the other half of the instrument so hopefully after that we can get things rolling. I have been creating quite an expensive mess though, they'll be doing a bunch of remodeling because of me. I don't think they were expecting quite this much re-working of space but I am a chemist, I do chemistry, I need a hood. That needs ventilation, out the roof, with a blower. Well since they put me on the first floor that means they needed to figure out how to pipe out a 12" ventilation tube. Sooo then they decided to wall off some of the new reception area (on the 2nd floor) and create a room for the hood. The big panic was that they thought they'd have to move my instrument up there too. Oh hell no. I don't need the instrument next to the hood. That seemed to make them happy, all I need now is a cart so I can wheel my chemicals onto the elevator and down to my instrument. Much cheaper than trying to get my instrument upstairs. That would be a nightmare of large proportions.
So I spend my day flitting through the internet on my limited computer (they have a computer department here that restricts access to some average websites, whatever!) and waiting for my friends on the west coast to wake up and get to work so they can get on gchat with me.
I have my appt with my neurosurgeon on Thursday and hopefully he can look at my MRI films and make use of then and get rid of this damn headache. For those of you keeping track the pain has gone down to about a 3 on a 1-10 scale. It used to be a 5-6 so that's better. Until then though, better living through chemistry.
Oh I did forget to mention the kid though, you are going to love this. So we have friends (religious ones) that have volunteered to take care of her over the summer. It's never a full week though since the dh works 4 days on 4 off. So they have a 6yr old son and he and the dd are sent to vacation bible school (which here in SA is free) and it's different churches every week. The week they went to Community Bible Church the dd came back saying that if Satan comes up to you all you have to do is repeat Jesus over and over again louder and louder. The dh was horrified and I just started busting out laughing. It was funny! Then I explained to her that it was not true and that life does not work that way. I did not go into detail that if Satan did come up to you she wouldn't recognize him nor would the repitition of Jesus' name scare him off. She seemed ok with that and went about her business. Good thing too since the next step of explaination would probably have been more complicated. Lots more complicated. Ah religion, sad that the kid is the most religious person in our household. Unless you count the worshipping of food wherein which the dogs are A #1 followers of that god.


m0to said...

I've heard people yell "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" before. But, Satan wasn't there. :-)

MichelleSG said...

What, just Jesus, not God? Aw come on Jas, you can do better than that...