Thursday, June 19, 2008

Headache day 6

Finally got a hold of my neurosurgeon. Apparently they couldn't find my chart, they never asked for the spelling of my last name. They thought it was SanMiguel. For those of you that know my last name (it's hyphenated and swiss-irish for those of you that don't) you know that it's impossible to wing it and get the right spelling. But they had my number and didn't call...WHATEVER. Sooo they say that since my neurologist didn't want to prescribe me anything (of course she doesn't, she probably doesn't even know I am having any issues, damn receptionist) that they are going to get me another MRI and then an appointment with my neurosurgeon. 2 days for them to figure out this oh so difficult problem. And we want to socialize medicine, can you just imagine? No. Oh hell no, I'd be long dead by now. So until then I am dosing myself with 600 mgs of ibuprofin every 6 hours, lets hope my kidneys can take it.


Cyndi said...

My goodness. I am so sorry. I just recently found your blog; today actually, from Splitcoast.

I am here in San Antonio too. It sounds like we have the same neuro.
I have wanted to fire her on more than one occasion!!
I would love to compare notes :-)


MichelleSG said...

Well Cyndi it wouldn't surprise me. She actually is exclusive to epilepsy patients and since I don't have epilepsy nor have I ever had a seizure I think I'm low down on the priority list. Feel free to email me and we can compare notes! I think the only reason she sees me is because my neurosurgeon had his nurse make my appt. I think if I had called to make the appt the evil receptionist with the worst mullet I've ever seen in my whole life would had told me to shove off.