Sunday, June 15, 2008

Turbo, a Power Rangers movie

Haven't actually seen the movie before...and yeah so the kid decides it's on Cartoon Network and we watch it. Oh it's so bad I can't even describe it. The climax is them all getting together in this thing that's kinda like a toddler version of a Transformer. I know, it's kind of an insult to Transformers but that's the only thing I can liken it to. I don't think I've ever watched something this corny. Ever. It's really really bad and the bad guy (girl in this case) had the full on Xena warrior costume, pooched out titties and all. Completely inappropriate and I'm not conservative at all but dang! Oh and the good guys were a little family of trolls. WTF? It's just so bad I can't even begin to get over it. I think it may leave a mental scar, this is way worse than The Wiggles and Barney. Even if those shows bred and had babies. It was bad. Oh sooo bad...

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