Friday, June 20, 2008

MRI done today, results Thursday when the doc checks out the films

Check out the eyeball shots!

I even have the films with me to take to my neurosurgeon's on Monday. Unfortunately that means I still have a headache (and probably and ENORMOUS MRI bill) but hopefully the dr will figure out something for me next week. I have been to get a CT scan before and probably an MRI at some point too but I don't think any MRIs were done that I actually remember. It's an interesting experience. The CT scan I had while in rehab back in December 07 was fast, easy, and well, fast. MRI, not so fast. I was at the hospital for 3 1/2 hrs today getting it done. It was very very interesting. And loud. I can't imagine a child being able to do it and not be fully sedated. It takes awhile. And did I mention it was loud? In a very tight space. At least it was just my head being done so I didn't need to be in it fully. It took like a good hour inside that tube to be done. I was not expecting having to get gowned up and have an IV placed, apparently I was having a contrast done. And the IV guy didn't believe me when I told him where to place it, he thought he'd just put it in the back of my hand (which was ice friggin cold and the veins were miniscule). I told him he'd be better off with the crook of my arm. Sure enough, after beating the back of my hand a few times he checked the crook of my arm and was like "Whoa, lookie that vein!". Told ya dork. I was a vet tech for 5 years, I know what a vein looks like. Try hitting a leg vein on a screaming 5 week old kitten. Damn vein collapses every time you hit it. So yeah, when I tell you where to hit my vein listen man listen!
The MRI has the weirdest noises. The chugging of a pump in the background actually put me to sleep although I tried not to go to sleep all the way because I was sure I'd totally try and get comfy and roll over and they'd have to start over again. Did I tell you it took awhile? It took awhile. I think I did start quietly snoring at some point. Hey, it was Friday afternoon and I was tired! There was some seriously loud noises in that thing though, did you know that they put earplugs in your ears before they start? And even then I could tell the dang thing was cranking out some serious clanging. It's like those 1980's video games, strange repetitive noises that change ever 5-10 minutes or so. Only louder. I think older people would be freaked out by these things too. It's a really strange experience. Let hope it gleaned some good into for the doc. I scanned some of the x-rays in so you guys can see the defective insides of my head...

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