Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Headache day 5...

Yeah that's right, same headache has not gone away for 5 friggin days. I am now at the point where I have to take 600 mg of ibuprofin every 6 hours to take the edge off. I still feel the pain but it takes it down a few notches. I called my neurosurgeon and then my neurologist. The neurologist is impossible to get any thing out of. Her receptionist told me to give them a call back with what the neurosurgeon had to say. Wow, such great care! And fwiw, the neurosurgeon's nurse called me back after 5 hours to ask a few questions and said they'd get a hold of me later this afternoon. Yeah right, sure you will. And they didn't. Novel! Not. So we'll see if I get any feed back tomorrow. I might be annoying and call them back, it's not like they can penalize me for it or wow, maybe make it so they are less likely to call me back. Hah! I'll let you all know what and when I hear of anything.

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