Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fast and Furious, a review

New model. Original parts.

Have ya'll seen the first one? Faboo I just loved that movie, like I said, I'm a closet grease monkey and can appreciate these things. The second and third one? Waste of time. Didn't even have the same cast in them and without Vin don't even bother talking to me. Waste. O. Time. Now we have the new model original parts, everybody from the first now in the fourth. About time. And do you just love that car in the pic? Yummo, love me some muscle car.

This one has everything in it that you'd expect. Fast illegally modified cars, muscle cars included. Gawd I love me some muscle car. Yeah I know, I'm Asian and should love the imports but really, nah. Don't forget the bad guys, drug dealers, illegal guns, hoochie girls, lots really. Very unrealistic since there were like 200 emaciatedly skinny girls mostly naked in shoddy parts of the city watching illegal car racing. Not one fat chick to be seen. Totally unrealistic. Trust me when I tell you, we got fat chicks in L.A. and they don't hide at home.

The plot line, pretty darn good considering it wasn't anything new and novel. The cars scenes: ROCK. Makes you want to go find yourself some souped up ass hauling car of some sort. It's also one of those movies you want to see on big screen. I watch previews and determine which ones we'll see in the theaters (precious few times we get to go without the kid) and which ones we'll just rent on dvd. This one was determined to be a big screen-er very early on. Oh yeah, fast cars and Vin Diesel? HELLO. I am not into big guys. I am not into big guys with muscles. At all. I like tall lanky men, brunette please. For Vin I make an exception. I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers. Shh don't tell the Hunney I said that. There were tons of skinny ass hotties with fake boobies in the movie anyway so the guilt factor is real low.

They managed to blend it all really well, flesh out the relationships better, and, I love this one, leave it open for a 5th sequel. The only character I didn't like much was Michelle Rodriguez's, she was just too ghetto for my taste. The good news? She's barely in this one. It's a tale of history, revenge, passion rekindled, all with no sex scenes and LOTS of speed demon driving. There's a disclaimer about 'do not try this at home' or rather 'on regular streets'. It comes way late though, like at the end of the credits late. It was my only complaint about the movie, they should have put that disclaimer sometime when people were actually in the theater to see it right?

But that's it. Other than that I think most people who like fast cars and Vin will love it. Just look at the car in that photo. Damn that's a hot car...

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