Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flat Stanley Commutes to Work in Mumbai

OK this is what my good friend Summer wrote for the Flat Stanley she took to India for my kid (the title is hers too):

After spending an extra day and night in either San Francisco or Dubai, Flat Stanley arrived in Mumbai, India on Monday morning, April 13th.

To be precise, he was delivered here, to the corporate apartment for ZEDO, Inc. , located in Juhu (Bollywood), in Mumbai, India. He was unpacked, freshened up, and rested as he had some jet lag.

This morning, he:

* drove to work with us in typical Bombay morning traffic
* got some fresh air crossing a bridge over the Andheri (E) Train Station
* checked out a lady and some bright drying laundry on the side of the road
* was greeted by the watchman at the office
* and rested in the lobby of the ZEDO office in Mumbai

Note: Her luggage was lost for a night by the airlines (with Stanley in it). Also, she included the Google Map location/actually the drive to work for the kid. How friggin cool is she? She totally gets this project. Here's each picture for the bullet points. See the car mirror in the 2nd and 3rd pic? I love Summer, she rocks.

She took Flat Stanley to Bollywood. Bollywood! She asked if she could have him for a bit longer (of course) and she is going to take pictures of him in Amitabh Bachchan's house. Yeah I had to Google that name too. And then take a pic of him outside of Shahrukh Khan's house. Flat Stanley does Bollywood baby! Little Miss M's mom is going to think we're totally loopy. The only thing we've watched that's even remotely Bollywood is Bride and Predjudice. I've been told that's not really Bollywood but if ya'll like Pride and Predjudice this movie is hilarious.

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