Saturday, April 4, 2009


A friend of mine runs/has a website,, which is less comics and more games/dvd kind of message board. He gets pre-release dvds and has a group of people review them and put their reviews up on the website. The dvds are free promotionals from the companies, oddly comic sellers don't do this so the 'comics' part of the forum isn't as prominent as you'd think from the name. The hubby and I have known this friend since high school and at some point last year we volunteered (he asked us maybe?) to review some films for the site. Some of these movies are mainstream, others are more obscure. All are free so it's no real hardship for us. We're movie freaks and well, we need little to no excuse to write (really obviously I don't) so this is a no brainer for us. We have had old things like the newly released digitally remastered Breakfast a Tiffany's (I'd never seen it and I didn't realize she essentially played a call girl, interesting) and new things that are absolutely horrid like Marie and Bruce. That was just an awful waste of 90 minutes. We last did Marley and Me which was cute. Nothing I'd go pay money at the theater to see but cute none the less. Oh and we reviewed the IRC Goth Cruise, I think that was our first. Kevin (the site owner) knew we were goth in high school, he picked us special for that one. We loved it, a total classic for anyone who has ever been in the scene.

Saturday night we watched movie another to review, The other end of the line. It was ADORABLE. Total chick flick but the hubby, you know I always say I married a woman. He loves chick flicks so it's all good. This one made up for the last 2 we watched and had to review that were terrible. I highly recommend this one to everyone out there. It's so funny even your respective other will find amusement in it. The story is about a call center girl in India (that does an amazing American accent) who has a client that she kind of falls for over the phone. She does not tell him she's in India, instead she says she's in The City. For those of you not from California, San Francisco is never referred to as SF, San Fran, or Frisco. Never. Ever. It is always called The City, capital T capital C. I have no idea why, even us Southern Californains who have no respect for Nor Cal call it The City. He ends up going to The City for business and asks if he can meet up with her. She accepts, goes there, wimps out and meets him accidentally after deciding to go home without seeing him. They hit it off and it's lovely and then, of course, it all falls apart because he finds out she was lying.

Her family came looking for her in the US and it's the same hilariously embarrassing encounters of the worst kind like you'd expect. Little side humor that you get in movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding (another great flick, if you haven't seen it do so). There are somethings that cross all racial barriers, family you'd like to hide in the closet being at the top of the list.

This is the trailer, I watched it after I saw the movie and I swear it is like the whole movie in micro form. If you think it looks cute here you'll love the movie. Well I think you'll love the movie any way.
Watch the trailer then rent it.


George & Tabitha said...

I have two nights with no kids and boyfriend... I may have a date with this movie.

Train Wreck said...

OH I want to see it! It looks funny. It is out on video?? You have to rememember I live in a tiny little town, We have two video stores?? What a fun thing to do. You are like a way pretty Siskel! hahaha