Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last weekend

We don't have a lot of friends here, no time I suppose, so our rare weekends we have together (hubby has that stupid schedule of 4 days on 4 days off so it's not often) we don't really do much. This past weekend we were BOOKED. The hubby wanted to go paintballing with a friend from work (who brought his 12 yr old son too) and the last time they went they took his friend's 5 yr old daughter too since the wife was at work. I decided to be nice and tell them they could leave his girl with me and the kid so she didn't have to be bored senseless all day at the field. I can be nice. Sometimes. As long as the hubby doesn't get used to it.

So his friend and the family he belongs to came over Friday night to work on their paintball markers (those damn things always need work) and I got to meet them all. See, I invited a kid over to take care of her and I didn't even know her. It was a milestone ya'll, mark it in your calendars. The girls got along well and partied all night. Really, like until midnight when they left. She was dropped off the next morning when the boys came over to pick up the hubby and the girls played all day long. It was nice, I didn't have to do a damn thing really. Just an occasional feeding. Hell they were easier than the dogs. When the boys came home they took their kid, went home to clean up, then all came back over for dinner and hung out all night long. Their daughter wanted to spend the night and I volunteered to get pizza for everybody (I love Costco pizza, cheap and HUGE) so back they came for another all nighter. Yeah we were on a roll last weekend. The girls we managed to get in bed by 10:30, they were tired. We all stayed up a bit later since we were making their son a D&D character.

Oh yeah did I mention my hubby's co-worker was like his brother from another? Which is terribly funny. My hubby has another guy friend (known since high school think) that we refer to as the ex-wife because they are just like a married couple but since they are both married we had to come up with another title. This new friend fits same kind of role so now we call him the hubby's girlfriend. That's just wrong isn't it? Especially since they work at a prison together. See how wrong that is? So this new girlfriend, he's played Dungeons and Dragons too. So guess what? We are now starting a campaign. At least this time we'll probably be able to go all the way though it since they both have the same schedule and the kids aren't a problem. Girlfriend's son will be playing with us and the 2 girls will be occupying themselves doing whatever. As long as there's no blood I don't care.

By Sunday night though we had to go to another party, a bbq at another friend's house. It was cool, I brought the cupcakes I had the girls ice when they were with me all Saturday. I used food coloring to make them pink, green, blue, yellow, and purple icing out of cream cheese frosting so the cupcakes were very psychedelic. Hey it was entertaining and they tasted the same. We brought over the hubby's paintball guns and a plethora of hoops to play with. In the pic he's teaching one of the kids how to shoot at the target, my hoops are laying all over the place (I'm hooping to the right you just can't see me) and the girls are plotting in the background. Girls do that.

This weekend seems to be looking much like last weekend only the bbq will be at our house on Sunday. It's the hubby's birthday so he may (or may not, who knows) go paintballing again. I may or may not have more than one girl child this weekend. All I know is that I'm planting my other 4 roses. We managed to fix the sprinkler line this past weekend that we broke while cleaning out the front flower beds the previous weekend. Every single time we work in that yard we hit something, the neighbors cable line, the sprinkler, the sprinkler line, the sprinkler wires, our yard is like a minefield 3 inches down. Why they didn't bury them a bit deeper is beyond me. We are now the masters of underground sprinkler repair. Necessity is the mother of invention. Or maybe learning by destruction, ya got me.

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