Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My daughter has this nemesis

Stay with me here because this story actually has a purpose (and no, the picture is not the kid's nemesis, that's Flat Stanley). It's kinda back story so you can get the gist of the real story which will come out in my next post. And probably a few more after it because it's cute and well, entertaining. To me at least and well, it's my blog.

We are from a neighborhood without a lot of turn over. One of the bonuses of this is that the kids my daughter went to preschool with are probably, for the most part, going to be with her for awhile. It has it's up sides, we LOVE most of these children and they have great parents too. GREAT parents. There are then the downsides, one or two of the kids are atrocious. Spoiled in an ungodly manner. So much so that neither I nor the Hunny would take care of the child nor really wish it one anyone else. We're pretty relaxed when it comes to others, we don't really care if your kid is a bit wild. They're kids so you know, they only get one chance to be obnoxious and fun kids right? But these ones, no they are not anything anyone wants to sit in a room with.

This one girl that my daughter has been in class with in preschool is in her class this year, she's one of those. She was always in trouble in class, jumping up and down on the cots at nap time, causing all kinds of a ruckus in class. She wasn't in my kid's kinder class but apparently she had a rough time in kinder. This was so not a surprise to us. We had been invited over for dinner when they were class mates in preschool and we got to witness first hand what she was like at home. She said no to her parents a lot and basically did not follow any of their instructions. When they tried to get stern with her she'd balk and sometimes hit them. Oh yeah, this one is a real keeper, let me tell you. We never went back again and we never invited them over to our house. Which, in truth, is sad because we really like the parents. Won't do the kid though. Oh hell no. They are smart people, really really quite. The at home mom has a degree but doesn't need to use it because her husband makes serious cash. Plus they are from England, all their schooling was free. They are Indian, just with British accents. I think there grandparents are in India so they are maybe 1 or 2 generations removed. This comes into play later, bear with me on this ramble.

So their kid, Little Miss M, does not get along with my daughter. At all. They are always tattling on each other or complaining about each other. I'll come home and the kid has this list of stuff the little Miss M has done wrong that day. She's so bad she doesn't even get to sit at the desks like the other kids. She has her own, all by it's lonesome, right next to the teacher's desk. She has to go the principal's for misbehavior all the time. And apparently she's doing much better this year than she did last year. The last I talked to her mom she was going to be testing to go into the gifted program. I don't think she made it into it because she's still in the class with the other kids and doesn't get pulled for advanced anything. Her mom thought she needed to be in the gifted program because she was bored. I think she was bored because she was expected to sit and listen to the teacher. Novel huh? The teacher has been known to tell her that she is not in charge of the class a multitude of times. My god if my kid was getting that lecture there would be little girl head rolling.

Little Miss M likes to have all the attention and be in charge of everything. Not a big surprise considering that she's always been allowed to rule her home. Any other child that either a) does not agree with her little miss highness or b) completely ignores her or c) thwarts her rule by being more important/more popular than her is not on little Miss M's cool list. Needless to say I think my kid breaks all three of those rules with her. They don't get on well. At all. Almost competitive really. I'll be curious to see what becomes of the little Miss M when she gets older. Apparently she makes a lot of the other girls cry on a consistent basis and this can not make her very popular in the long run. It's very much like one of those Disney TV shows where it's all overly dramatic and woe is me but hey, it's the first grade. Just wait until jr high and high school. I suspect it'll only get worse. Oh and even better, her parents have another baby due this summer. We don't think it's going to go over well. Whatcha think?

Alright I'm done with the gossip, now you get to hear why I dragged it across my blog (other than just random amusement for us mothers who have seen it). They have this project in class, I'm sure many of you have heard of it, it's called Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a drawing of a boy that the kids mail somewhere to go on an adventure. You can read about the idea here:
Flat Stanley
It was a book originally written in 1964 by Jeff Brown but it turned into a project and I must say, I love the idea.

My kid wanted to send her's to her grandmother in San Diego and so we did. But I have a friend, my best friend from high school. She lives 50% of the time in San Francisco and 50% of the time in India, for work. Summer mentioned that she was maybe going to be able to go to Dubai this next trip to India but even if she doesn't I thought it'd be way fun to send another Flat Stanley to India with her so I asked her to take him with. She said she would and so I mailed out another to her a few weeks ago before she left for Mumbai.

Turns out she's like the BEST person to sent Flat Stanley with. She totally gets it and is really having fun with it. Like she asked how long she could keep him for. So for my next post I'll be showing ya'll where Flat Stanley has been for his first few days in India. And why I think little Miss M is going to go green when she sees where our Flat Stanley goes to in India. Yeah, it's all about the little things in elementary school isn't it?

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