Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random observations (and whatnot)

So I have yet to get that picture of that HUGE hole in my child's front whreteethshouldbe space. We were busy yesterday trying to come up with her last homework assignment. They need to come up with a team name for their class during the field trip. Texas, where everything is related in some way shape or form to sports. We are bucking that trend though. She wanted to use the teacher's name, like Mrs. T's team or something. I told her she should call them Mrs. T's minions. She was talking about how the kids could get a bit raucous so that's where my idea came in. And yes, she knows what a minion is. We let her watch 1 Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode (YES WE DO watch it, own every episode too, don't even start with me) Once more with feeling, it's the musical episode. It has a demon and lesbian sex (no pictures though, just the suggestion) so it's not something we let her friends watch when they come over but it did give her an introduction to demonology. And less than normal couples. Yes, we have discussed the idea of homosexual marriage with her (we are proponents of it) so that she understands what they are talking about when bumper stickers say stuff like Marriage's biggest danger is divorce or somesuch. Those stickers make no sense to a 7 yr old kid without giving her some back story. OK and all this so that you know my kid is writing her teacher that she thinks they are obnoxious kids and should be called minions. If Mrs. T thought long enough about it though that would make her the demon. I like her, lets hope she just automatically dismisses our idea, yeah? OK yeah.

Today's observations:

1) Baby Phat's small scrub pants are a true size small. Unlike Cherokee scrubs that are more of a m/L. Trust me, there's a difference.

2) During that time of the month I am a true size medium. I know, this is so stuff you want to know right?

3) The combination is kind of amusing. The fact that I find it amusing should bother me. It doesn't. Makes it harder to go pee because my hips are just way too wide for this pair of scrubs but at least my belly is not. Odd how that works....

4) Subject change, I find Jeep Courtesy to be fun. I love the fact that when I drive with the kid and the top down all kinds of people talk to her too. Driving with the top down is like putting up a sign that says "I'm cool, you want to talk to me because I rock". It makes little to no sense to me but I like it.

5) Did you know those converted mini coopers with the Red Bull can on top have Red Bull inside that they will chuck out the window to you if you want some? That shit is expensive, I'm surprised they aren't stalked more often. I saw one yesterday (from California no less ) with 2 little blonds inside (if I were tacky and brutally honest I'd say 2 ditzy blonds but I'm only slightly pms-ing today) and people were totally pulling up to them in traffic and getting all kinds of free Red Bull.

6) Red Bull should do that with Jeeps instead of mini Coopers, we'd have the corner on the cool market. They've done one as a VW but it was a hard top. They need to do it topless, that is where the cool factor is at.

Kinda scary the things I find entertaining isn't it?

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