Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flat Stanley Update #2, morning commute in Mumbai

I just adore how much fun Summer is having with this project. Let's face it, we never had thins kind of access to stuff when we were kids (Youtube? Hello what?) and I know my kid is not nearly as fascinated with the whole process as Summer and I are. We're dorks and we love it. Here's his latest quest, I don't know how to attach an audio file but if someone else does please let me know. The birds outside the flat sound like the ones they have at the zoo. Very tropical!

Flat Stanley's host had a few late nights of meetings and not a lot of fun stuff going on. But, even the boring day to day life in Bombay is fun and exciting!

* Stanley was invited to the Siddharth's (a co-worker of Summer's) wedding, this weekend in Bombay. Stanley will probably not be in town though, as we plan to travel to Nasik for the weekend. So, you'll see Stanley soon at either a wedding or on a road trip and visiting another city.

* Stanley plans to work late tonight, so he took his time this morning enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee and newspaper in the flat. Check out the attached audio file to hear what it sounds like sitting at this window.

* Stanley rode to work this morning in his first rickshaw ride! As you can see he was a bit frightened, it's very loud, hot, trafficky, noisy, and the cars and trucks get very very very very close. Stanley stayed safe in the back of the rick tucked away.

You can check out Stanley's adventure in a traffic snarl here (be sure to click HQ to view the video in high-quality playback!).


summer said...

small correction: Siddharth is my coworker. The other Siddharth - oh my! If I got invited to his wedding I'd really be rubbing elbows with some high falutin' people.

MichelleSG said...

Edited! I thought it a bit strange that you wouldn't go to some kick ass wedding of a Indian superstar. The food alone right?