Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Or maybe Boys and their Toys would be a more appropriate title. On the first day off of their shift (remember 4 days on 4 days off for the hubby and the other CO's on his same shift) the hubby and his partner in crime Rod managed to go muddin somewhat unintentionally. No really. OK well only kinda. It's been raining lately and if you've been around San Antonio you know there are a lot of storm drains. Big big big ones. Very wide with creeks running through them and concrete randomly throughout to stop cars that accidentally get caught up in flood waters (it happens although I'm not sure how) but the reeds have grown so big you can't really see the concrete in some places.

Rod (the hubby's buddy) owns a lifted Tahoe. It needs some work, the 4 wheel drive is broken and it needs a few other things but Rod is a motorcycle mechanic that also does cars so it's a project thing. He's from Georgia so monster trucks to him are a natural thing as is going to play in the storm drain mud after a rain. Which would be all fine and dandy if his 4 wheel drive worked and he could see the concrete things under the brush.

But let me start at the beginning. First off with the disappointment, they didn't any pictures. They didn't want to self incriminate. Yet they told us the whole story. ? Yeah ok. I told them next time to use their cell phone cameras if need be but I want pictures damn it, my readers have expectations right? They went so far as to wash both trucks before we women folk got home. Wussies.

As the story goes (and this is the brief version lest I get the details wrong) the hubby was on his way to Rod's house. Rod told him to just go in (apparently they don't lock their door, odd but ok) and kick it until he got home since he was on his way. So my hubby goes in and kicks it on the couch and after a short time he gets a call from Rod. Seems like Rod saw the creek and the mud and went for it. And got stuck. Fully. Like Could. Not. Get. Out. It took him awhile to admit defeat too. I guess there was one of those concrete things that he didn't see and sure enough he got stuck on it. The admission of defeat did not come lightly either. I guess he now no longer has a reverse, he burned it out. Bummer. Anyway the funny part is that he calls my hubby, asks if he has the Jeep on him (duh he's off of course he's got his Jeep) and he then asks him to come an 'get him'. Doesn't say anything about being stuck in the mud. Men, I swear. The hubby asks where he is and he says to take a right out of the subdivision and look right, ya can't miss him. Yeah look at that truck no you really can't miss that huh?

So began the cluster fook to get the monster truck out of the mud, off the concrete, and up an embankment. The story got long here and I don't remember the details. Suffice to say it took them about 10-15 minutes to get the truck out and the description was funny. I took this picture so you can see the size difference between the two trucks.

I know, I could take better pictures but I only had my cell phone on me so this is what I go, sorry. Don't hate the cell phone, hate the blogger. Anyway, the hubby is on the other side of the creek from the Tahoe and Rod, he asks if he should just drive across it (I'm sure he was a little worried that he'd get stuck too). The water was about as high as the bottom of the doors but that Jeep did exactly as it was built to do and just totted on over that creek like a 3 year old learning to run. Kinda made that monster truck look a little...impotent? Shhh don't tell Rod I said that. They then used Rod's tow line to (eventually) drag that beast on out of the ravine. It couldn't make it up the side by itself, needed the Jeep for that too.

I really wish I was there to watch it. And I'm sure Rod is glad as hell that I wasn't. Oh the comments I could make about the size of his stuck truck. I won't go there now really I won't. But damn it next I'm going to drive his truck out in the mud and get it stranded again on purpose if they don't take pictures. I'm serious about this blogging thing you know.

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