Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is how my morning rolls

The right tools for the right job

I know you've all heard about my late/rushed mornings before but this one was particularly ridiculous and I was still able to get to work earlier than I normally do. I don't know how that happened but I wasn't complaining. Usually the alarms go off at 6:05 and the kid comes into my bed on the hubby's empty side and we sleep in until 7. Yes that's right, we don't wake for our alarms we turn them off an tuck in deeper. This only works because I just throw some clothes on to drop off the kid (in the drop off lane) at school then come home, shower and get dressed for work. I wanted to talk to her teacher this morning, they had a field trip today, so I got up like 10 minutes after the alarm went off (leaving the kid in bed to sleep longer) and managed to get myself and her ready in record time. It almost didn't happen though. She disappeared upstairs to get dressed and brush teeth after breakfast and took a wee bit longer than normal up there. I realized why when I went to put sunscreen on her face and she had glittery eye shadow all over her eyes and down her cheeks. Oh joy! Yeah can't trust this kid to get dressed with out throwing in some bling right?

I have the Jeep while the hubby is on shift and I had him put the top up (remember, Jeep top needing to be up + short woman = scary sight) but not the windows, they are zippered on there and I was sure I could do it by myself. OK so I still had enough time to get the kid to school, sunscreened and sparkly, talk to her teacher, then go home and zip on the windows right? Right? Well sure except when I go to drop her off she notices that all the other kids have their Flat Stanley posters with them. She says "Mommy mommy I forgot my poster is due today! GREAT, it's upstairs on the floor of the scrapbook room completely unassembled. This is the San Diego one, the Mumbai is still a work in progress, more on that later, promise. A'ight, I can do this, one Supermom coming right up!

I zip back home, run upstairs, stick all the pictures to the poster board and run it downstairs into the Jeep. Next up windows. Did I mention that I wear my nails long, pretty, and acrylic? Have any of you ever put the plastic windows on a Jeep? It's a tight fit, DAMN tight. I had to use impromptu tools, specifically a screwdriver to shove the corners of the vinyl into appropriate crevices and the hook on a dog leash to pull the zippers. My nails are too long to put my finger through the pull holes of the zippers and you can't just grab onto them because the room available to grab onto them is not sufficient. I wish I could have filmed it, comical as it was. It worked though and I managed to get her poster to her not long after school started and I was at work by 8:30. I was still zinging on an amped high but you know, it worked and the kid had nothing to complain about.

Red letter morning!


summer said...

you have an iphone right? a picture of this activity would have been awesome

MichelleSG said...

I know huh? But I was frantic and the vinyl of the new top stains your hands BLACK so I never touch anything else when working with it. I was at home too so I could have used the camera, and yet...

Trailboss said...

Yousa fine Momma there you ole long nailed woman you!