Sunday, April 27, 2008


I love it when my hubby uses big words, it's so cute. Just shows you what kind of guy does it for me now doesn't it? I'm going to link his blog at the end of this little story so you can get the last half of why this entertains me so. It has to do with his wedding band, and his loss of said wedding band. Mind you most women would be irritated by this but I just felt bad for him. It's been gone for a good few months now and I really didn't think there was any hope. It's got a bit more sentimental value than most men's bands. Usually the man proposes with the engagement ring to the woman and that would be the bad one to lose, not just because or price (ugh!) but because it was a gift, followed by a proposal (again, usually). Of course I (being the ornery one in said relationship) had no intention of getting married again (yes there was that first marriage, when I was 18, never marry the rebound guy. I'll tell you about it later) so the hubby had kinda asked in a roundabout way about getting married sometime during our pregnancy. He's a smart boy, he knew better than to get down on one knee and propose, his pregnant girlfriend was cranky and unconventional and he's not stupid. So the ball was in my court, the choice was mine when and if I decided I wanted to marry he would prefer us married. Whatever (trust me it was because his mother could not stand that we had a kid and were not married). So the dd was born in October of 2001 and at some point not long after I had decided I wanted to get married. I didn't want to make big decisions while pregnant, one is not in their right mind when pregnant. So I went to his mother and told her I was going to 'propose' to him for Christmas 2001. That woman was sooo excited she immediately started making phone calls to the photographer (her cousin) that would determine the date of the wedding. Here's my deal with my weddings, I won't arrange them anymore. I'll do anyone else's but not mine. I was all about eloping to Vegas but the mil would have none of that. Soooo the deal was someone was to give me the time and place and I'd show up in an off white dress (my skin tone looks horrid in pure white).
I then called up the dh's best friend (who happens to be a jeweler) and asked her if she 1)knew his ring size and 2) knew what kind of wedding band he wanted. Well of course she did and so I took this info and bought him said ring. I then wrapped it in a small box, a slightly large box and then at least 2 more larger boxes after that.
That Christmas morning he sat with our baby on his lap and started opening presents, I may have given him that box last. Maybe first. I can't remember. Regardless I didn't have to say anything. He opened up that final box and I think his words were something to the effect of "Are you serious?" like he expected it to be some mean cruel joke. Such faith in the mother of his child. He cried, it was sweet. I do make the dh cry much too often, I'm a very mean wife.
DH's story of found ring


Thee Froggacuda said...

Michelle S. This is your friend Murdoch from high school speaking. You must contact me at my alter ego of I look forward to catching up by reading your blog. Get thee hence to Facebook.

deckert said...

Oh that is so crazy, I am so glad that Brennan found the ring!