Monday, April 14, 2008

What if?

So the dh and I were discussing Benadryl this evening. We give it to our dogs for their allergies, twice a day every day. The dosage for dogs is 1mg/lb so the little frenchie gets 1 pill twice daily, the big dogs get 3 pills twice daily. That's a lot if you were a person but dogs have a much faster metabolism. The dh mentioned that we have friends that give their dogs Benadryl as a sort of tranquilizer. At like 1/2 pill per dog. We looked at each other and started busting out laughing when we speculated what would happen if we stopped giving the dogs Benadryl. I mean Jayne gets a Prozac chaser once a day to add to those Benadryl, he should be catatonic. We figure if we took them off their meds they'd not only be itchy but not be able to sleep. We'd be peeling them off the ceiling or they'd be breaking the speed of sound inside the house. The dh compared them to Juicers in Rifts. Huh, scary yet so accurate. They are never coming off meds, I couldn't take it.

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