Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My heart just isn't in it

We are speaking of jobs here. That last chemistry job I had for 2 weeks, I could have cared less about it. I knew I wouldn't be there long so I didn't get all emotionally attached to it. This new job I'm not into either. I get no pleasure from it at all. I feel like I'm just waiting until they ask me to leave. There may some similarities in the two, neither have real definitive jobs for me to do. Just kinda almost stuff for me to do. Maybe I'm one of those uber task people, I need a definite task for me to feel like I'm getting something done. I'd probably be happiest if I got a job at Starbucks huh? Why did I waste all that money on this stupid chemistry degree...

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Alison said...

Geeze, does that ever sound familiar..... esp. with our office dynamics... and no, I still haven't had my 1 yr review. But frankly, I almost cringe at the thought because my boss who'd be reviewing me almost never talks to me (great feeling!). If not for the pay, "why bother?" I ask myself. and sure, I'm due because I've put up with nearly everything you can think of (minus sexual harrassment because that would mean we'd have more testosterone in this estrogen filled canker of an office :P *Don't let the nice facade fool ya. But hey, until they ask me to leave, I'm going to be here awhile because it pays well and there's not much out there-- and I don't have the heart to start the application process again.
To which I am considering playing the lotto or just bowing down and begging a box of calgon to take me away :)