Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We love our friends

So since I've had to go back to work the dd has to stay in after school care at her school. We have friends that have their kids there too and they are just the sweetest people. One of their sons is in the dd's class and he's the nicest boy. The dh insists that someday their son will marry our dd and that's saying a lot. When the dh and I went to the zoo with the kids class we happened to get their son and we loved it. Made the day soo easy! Any way when our friends pick up their kids they wanted to know if we'd like them to pick up the kid too and have her hang out with them until I can get home from work. I love these people!! We have the most awesome friends here, we're never leaving. They think it's nice of us to have her come over because it's entertainment for their kids (4 with 1 more on the way. All under the age of 7 gah!). We love it because our dd has no siblings and is so sad about it. I need to hurry up and earn money so we can get on with this sibling creating thing! So now she goes home with her friends 3 days a week and it's even the days when she has homework so by the time I get her she's had a snack and finished her hw. How awesome is that? Really now, why would we ever consider living any where else? We love our friends here, they just don't get any better than there awesome people!!

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Kimberly said...

so glad to hear, was worried about how Evie is doing with both of you gone. :)