Saturday, April 12, 2008

Multicolored Bride of Predator

Or at least that's what the dh calls the look. The picture was taken Sunday morning, day 2, right before going to have the stuff removed.
So I finally got to see the neurologist 2 weeks ago, 6 months after brain surgery. She's deals solely with epilepsy patients and I think that I'm the only patient she has that has never had a seizure. If you need back story go to my Dec 07 posts, I had emergency brain surgery on Thanksgiving day 07 and they put people on anti seizure meds for 6-12 months when their brain matter has been traumatized. Anyway she was booked up until the beginning of April so that's when I finally got to see her. She's very nice and pretty conservative. She didn't like the fact that I worked full 8 hour days or that my dh was gone during the week so no one was there but the 6 yr old to watch me. Yeah real life, get over it. Oddly she was very happy to hear that my crazy loopy dog is very attentive to my needs when I'm not well. She thinks he'd be of help if I had a seizure. I think he'd be brilliant if I wanted to train him to be some sort of therapy dog but right now, he's just cute when he gets all attentive to mommy. Useful? I think not.
Anyway the doc wanted me to get my blood levels taken, which I did that day, and then get an EEG done. Thank God you can do this on weekends. I now have 24 electrodes super glued to my scalp, with multicolored leads going into a bag I have to carry around. Friday night to Sunday morning. The dd does not want me seen in public, she thinks it looks horrible. I can't see it so what do I care? She's presently out shopping with her dad and I'm at home doing nothing. Fine by me! If I didn't know that taking a nice long nap would make getting to sleep tonight impossible I'd be napping at this very moment. Otherwise my dh got me a great book and I've got the dogs snoring in the background. It could be much worse. Hopefully the EEG comes out normal and then we can get me weened off of the anti-seizure meds. I don't mind being on them, there are no side affects as far as I can tell but I just don't like being on meds if I don't need to be. Plus eventually (not real soon) we want to have another kid and these drugs need to be looong gone from my system before that bridge is crossed. Of course my biological clock is ticking so it's not like I want to be on this drug for too long....
The long wires and super glue aren't that bad all in all. Certainly not as bad as many of the medical procedures I've had done. I'm going to have to have my IUD removed and replaced next month. I am so excited about that appointment I just can't contain myself. Did I mention that the strings are too short to grab on the one I have in now so it's actually going to be some sort of 'dilating procedure'. Oh yeah, real excited about that one.

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