Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Only one lone post today

Because (thankfully) today was a pretty unexciting day. The kid is just like her father, total drama queen. I took her upstairs to take her shower and at some point during said shower the Rox-o-matic (our middle sized boxer dog, rescued from the shelter as a stray and totally emaciated) had knocked the kid's easter basket off of the counter and eaten the last of the solid chocolate easter bunny inside. Bitch. The kid fell completely apart, total meltdown. I, being the loving mother that I am, told her to get over it. We have a house full of chocolate and treats and the dregs of a mostly eaten chocolate bunny were not worth the tears that were streaking down her face. She's missing her dad something awful and it causes her to be a wee bit more pms-y than normal. When I get emotional I get bitchy. When her dad gets emotional he turns into a drama queen. I suppose we're lucky that she takes after her dad. Now I just have 2 DQs in the house. Sadly for them I have no pity. You know, since I'm such the warm fuzzy lovey type. Not. I think the only reason the dh insisted on getting married is because he thinks I'm the type that might eat her young. He wasn't too far off, he's a smart cookie.

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Kimberly said...

have I told you that I love your blogs!! You crack me up girl, luv ya! (yeah, I want to eat my young sometimes) who am I kidding that thought passes almost daily!