Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dandruff of the likes you've never seen

And probably never will. Got the electrodes removed this morning. Let me describe how they were attached so you can get an idea of the challenge here. So they have little metal ends and they put goo under them (non sticky goo, it's just for help transmitting the electrical signal) that would be fine if you were just going to lay there for a bit of time. Since this was a 48 hour thing they had to make them stay some how so each one had a rectangle of gauze placed on it and then this epoxy like glue placed on the gauze. They were rock hard by the time I left on Friday night and the glue smelled like something I used in the lab. Well like epoxy actually.
So when I had them taken off this morning (they have a liquid solution that releases the epoxy stuff, ah modern technology) my hair was a mess but it only took 10 minutes rather than th hour it took to put it all on. So I go home and use, literally, the entire water heater tank and just really work on getting the gauze bits out of my hair and off my scalp. It comes out relatively easily but it's so particalized what I really need is an ocd chimpanzee that thinks fleas are little white bits. You literally have to pick out a thousand little bits of torn gauze off individual hairs, it's a bitch. I peeled off a bit more glue off my scalp too which wasn't much fun either. The comb helped a bit, the combs through the hair and then I had to clean the comb. Very tedious. So eventually I needed to give up and blow dry some out and it was snowing white bits of gauze all over the bath room. The dh came in and picked through it some for me but eventually I just put on a little skull cap and we went out to run our errands. I'm sure much will work itself out by tomorrow but dang, it's all over the bathroom!

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