Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let the punishments begin!

So the dh comes home tomorrow. He's been miserable since he left his asthma inhaler and Zyrtec here last weekend. He sounds like crap on the phone. I bet I can make him more miserable once he gets home, I hate that he's left us for so long just for this crappy ass job. He'll get all his meds back in him and we'll put him to work. Did I mention the snake recently? Probably not. She shed again, I walked upstairs the other morning to this nasty horrid fresh putrid snake poo smell. I was already dressed, dog in their crates, on my way out the door and there's this nasty pile of snake poo in her water dish. It was so big and so nasty I could have either dumped it in the sink and rinsed it out or take it outside and hose it out. I took it outside. The rest of the cage needs to be cleaned so that's the dh's first order of business. Also the little dog needs to be washed again. The big psycho with a knife decided to try to kill him 2 nights ago so he's still got saliva fur and the smell of old adrenaline about him. It wasn't pleasant. I hadn't put Jaynie's collar on since his bath last weekend so I couldn't grab him to pull him off. Fortunately he's got great bite inhabition so it's a lot of sound and fury. The dh can bathe the poor little bugar when he gets home too.

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