Sunday, April 6, 2008

Paintball...and other things in my history

So the dh comes home this week with a paintball magazine. It's a hobby we've done for years now. We we're good friends with the owners of the best paintball field (Velocity) in San Diego and consequently knew a lot of the players that were on the best teams. The best players seem to come out of So Cal, yeah, it's a generalization but a true one. Velocity was frequented by the owner of DYE paintball (Dave Youngblood, nice guy, has cute kids too) and the players on their team. We got to see a lot of prototypes long before they came on to the market. We also got to play with a lot of tourney players (butt heads almost the entire lot of them). We had favorites that were nice of course but there were a ton of little sh#ts that really just needed to be slapped. One of the classic little (emphasis on little) punk a$$ snots was Marcello. We knew Marcello's dad Tony well and he was a really nice guy. Last we had heard Marcello (as a young teen) had left his family and was living with some other ballers. So when the dh brought home the magazine he had to show me this ad...of Marcello...who is now part of Team Ironman. Mind you the last I saw the little butthead (and I'm 5'1" and he was near my size) he was maybe 15. And to see him in those photos is almost creepy. The first thing I asked the dh was "Do you think they packed his shirt to make him look grown up?". If you look at his stats his jersey size is listed as xl and his pants as small. Thing to note, all ballers where xl jerseys. The pants that are small well that's more indicative of real size. Ballers also usually wear baggy pants but their size small fits me perfect. I weigh 120. So I want you to look at that pic of Marcello and ask yourself if they don't stuff his shirt to make that baby look manly. And if you aren't in the paintball know, Team Ironman is one of the ultimate paintball teams. To make it onto that team you have to be very very good. Marcello is a good player but still just one punk a$$ little snot.
And yes, I've played paintball. A lot. And yes, I loved the sport. I was a back player and could go through a case of paint in half a day, damn expensive sport. It all balanced out though, the dh is a front player and barely went through a half a case in a day. Paint goes bad when it gets old so I was just making sure he didn't have any old paint he had to deal with. Not any more though, with balls coming at you at 280 feet per second I don't want to get hit on the front of my head that I had surgery on. My neurologist would be pissed and there's no telling what kind of issues would arise.

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