Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bowing to the gods of caffeine

After this weekend's time change I've been having a small problem getting going in the mornings. Not terribly abnormal for me, I am not a morning person but usually I have tea when I get to work and I'm good. For whatever reason, this week I've been feeling the call of coffee. I don't normally drink coffee mainly because I don't like the taste, too bitter. I LOVE the smell though and the flavor when added to things like cakes and chocolates is just divine. So we get Starbucks delivered every morning at my work by the drug reps and it comes with a cup of creamer. So my mornings this week could be judged by percentages,
Monday 20% coffee, 20% sugar, 60% cream, it was a rough Monday
Tuesday 25% coffee 15% sugar, 60% creamer, a bit better than the day before
Wednesday 40% coffee 20% sugar, 40% creamer, this one was a bit strong for me
Thursday I just went to Starbucks and got the Latte and oatmeal special. I put a lot of sugar in the latte. The oatmeal I took with brown sugar and fruit, no nuts. It was good. The conclusion though? Full on creamer is better than foamy milk. I have probably gained some weight to prove that point but at least I can function in the morning!


Violet said...

I'm not a huge coffee drinker but when I do drink it, I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar. So much sugar that I'm embarrassed if someone actually catches me in the act of adding it to the cup.

MichelleSG said...

Oh honey, I pour it in with finess as others watch on in horror. It's awesome. Luckily my hubby drinks his coffee the same way, really stupid sweet. He gets quadruple shots in his at SB's though and I think I couldn't handle his coffee if I drank the whole Grande. I am never ashamed of how much sugar I put in, you'd be surprised how many others do the secret. And only admit it when they see you doing it!

Kelly Chandler said...

Time changes are tough! Really, they should come up with a better system. I get sick when I drink coffee, but I HAVE to have french vanilla cappuccino when I'm sitting in a chilly arena for my daughter's ice skating practices!