Monday, March 23, 2009

Daisey Duke style

This is a brief essay on how it goes down in my household. Why? Again, because I'm obviously on a mission to bring down the hood. My white collar hood and our blue (gray?) collar selves. And, it's kinda entertaining and involves that damn Jeep I have named 'Trick'. All my trucks have been named, starting with the one my dad bought when I was, oh 5 maybe? Regular pick ups are always Trucky-Wucky, in honor of that first dad truck I named. Regular cars have no name, I don't really do cars. This one is a Jeep and has enough of a truck quality to name so it's Trick. I never liked Jeeps as I think I went over that before. They are hot, small and just an all around uncomfortable ride. I only really like them with the top down and during really sunny days you get one serious sun burn so even then it's less than ideal. Lately the weather has been warm (80's that's warm here, hot is over 95) and a bit overcast so the top down thing has been perfect.

Now mind you putting the top down on the Jeep is not as easy as it looks. The back window and the back side windows come off and are put in the house. Then we are able to push the top back and down into the 'trunk' area. And you don't want to watch that thing put back up by a short person with short arms. It is a comedy routine. A really really bad one if you're the short armed one but probably hilarious for the neighbors. So lets say you're out running errands and the sky decides to open up? You're pretty much S.O.L, you can get the top proper up (eventually) but the back sides and back are still wide open. Not the best car for Florida. I basically leave the top removal and re-construction up to the hubby since it takes me about 100 times as long to get even halfway. Plus he doesn't mind, he loves his Jeep so much sometimes I catch him stroking the steering wheel like a cat. Seriously.

So here I am, Monday morning, it's gray out but we aren't supposed to get rain until Wednesday. Oh and I get up late. This is no big surprise, I am horrible at getting the kid to school on time. We normally just barely make it or she may be a few minutes late. Her daddy is much better than I. So we jump in the Jeep, I drive her the 1/8th of a mile to school and we're late, no one is in the drop off lane so at least I have that going for me. I drive up and tell the kid to hop out. Yeah like just on out, don't push the seat forward, I trust you know how to unbuckle yourself and be careful, you're wearing a skirt. Redneck much? Full on Daisey Duke style, minus the shorts. It's probably a good thing the teachers and principal were already gone inside since this wasn't going to get me the parent of the year award. Right?

The sky as I got to work, I parked it farther away, in the covered parking garage.

Oh well, as far as the kid is concerned the jumping out of the back with out using any doors is the only redeeming feature left in the Jeep. The picture at the top is what it looks like from her perspective, the main launch point of the jump. The honeymoon is over and she no longer thinks it's fun to ride in. Because the back seat is a bit noisy and wind blown compared to the front and she is a prima donna. At least now she can enjoy the jump out of the back action. Soon one of her classmates will see her in action though and think it's cool. Then all of a sudden the Jeep will be her preferred ride. It's all about the image baby...


Train Wreck said...

hahaha you tell a great story! Oh and guess what?! I too have a jeep! It is white, and has no top it is a 1977 CJ 5 Of course it is not my main vehicle, so that helps. I only drive it in the summer. You are right, our hair doesn't look as sexy as they show on the movies? It is Noisy!! But hey Why miss the oppotunity to drive a jeep

Oh and I still want a hula, things have just been put on hold for a bit.

MichelleSG said...

You would have one! No the hair does not hold up the way is does in the movies but I also don't use hair spray.

No worries on the hoop babe, I'm still not done with it!