Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rockin the hoop making!

So apparently I have started some interest in the hoop making! Or rather acquiring them as I make them. I made a cute little one for the kid's friend whose birthday it was. I am tired of shopping for useless toys for all the birthdays that go on for the bazillion kids she's friends with. From now on they get a custom hoop. I am also selling them to friends and that includes you bloggy friends. Train Wreck has already ordered her sparkly red one which I am making this week. Kimmie has that purple one I made and took a pic of earlier. That girl I made on for her birthday has a little sister who wants one and that's going to be made this week too (purple with sparkly pink). I have another girlfriend with 2 kids and she wants 3, one for each of them. And then my fried from Florida is in Austin this week for SxSW and I'm making 2 for her. I'm just LOVING the hoop interest!

So for a limited time only I am offering my friends a special deelio on hoops. $25 for ya'll plus actual shipping (I'll have to look that up) if you want a hoop. The ones I ship will be the collapsible kind so you don't get a jacked up hoop in the mail. USPS is brutal on full sized hoops and it's depressing to get a new toy that is bent to hell. Let me know if you want one (email is on the side bar) and I'll send you a list of the colors I have. It's a fun little hobby for me to do and I'd love to get more people having fun with the hoop love!

Let me know if anyone else wants a hoop, I'll be crunching out a ton this week and I'll take pictures too.

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Kimberly said...

go girl,sell those hoops!! and hey this gift has the added advantage of health :) I will see if Nia's friend likes hooping. The girl has everything but I bet she doesnt have a custom hoop!