Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She’s not into country, or at least she didn't think she was

Much to my husband’s pleasure the kid decided she didn’t like country music when I started playing it in the car (sans hubby, he can’t stand it). She didn’t seem to mind the radio stations but once I bought a cd (Brad Paisley, Time Well Wasted) she wanted “Peace and Quiet” in the car. She’s not so good at shutting up and this is what her grandmother tells her when she just needs the kid to shut up. Not my mom, the hubby’s mom. It’s the nice way of telling someone to shut up and the kid resorted to this to get rid of Brad Paisley. I was ok with this for the most part, I don’t assume everyone will like all of my music. I just find it amusing that her first favorite song was something by Blink 182 and her favorite album is Nightmare Revisited with Marilyn Manson and Korn playing her 2 fav songs on it. Hey, we’re a darker kind of household, what can I say? I told ya’ll I was goth, it seeps into the music we listen to. A lot. The country thing is new and totally different from the norm here.

The other day I caught her singing in the back seat of the car. She sings a lot so it was no surprise to catch her singing. It was what she was singing, “I’m a country boy” with the accent and all. I asked her what she was singing and she said I’m a country boy and that it was stuck in her head. Now mind you I didn’t own this one, didn’t even know who sang it. She must have heard it on the radio or something, all I know is that the hubby was not going to be thrilled with her singing this one I’m sure. Me? I made it a point to figure out who did that particular song and get it from iTunes. The downside? I still don’t know how the hell to use that function on the computer and get it onto the dang phone, that’s the hubby’s job in the house. So that gig was up, he’d know his kid was listening to some sort of country something or other. One thing the hubby has learned since living with me, it’s how to be flexible. Not like he was going to get on to this country band wagon but that’s ok, we aren’t together in the car that often and we still like all the rest of our songs that are the same.

So last night onto the iPhone went Alan Jackson, who btw, does a duet with Brad Paisley on the Time Well Wasted album I love (Out in the Parkin’ Lot). Now I don’t know many country songs but dang if these things aren’t 1) nothing like I expected even after reading the song title, and 2) damn funny. I was kind of worried when I saw titles like “If Jesus Walked the World” since I am so NOT into preaching songs. What I came to figure out though was the rest of the sentence in the song, If Jesus walked the world today he’d be a hillbilly. Ok now that is funny and so is the whole song. I will no longer judge a book by its cover or a song by its title. I still like bologna? Adorable song. The kid still hasn’t heard the whole cd, I have to burn it (or rather the hubby does), I just have it on my phone so far. Oddly I think she’ll like Alan Jackson more than Brad Paisley, his songs are more ‘perky’ and she can like that along with her love of the morbid tunes. It’s good to be well rounded right?

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Jamie said...

Alan's song Monday Mornin Church is a good one too....A little bit of a sad song but it's still a good one. I love the song I Still Love Bologna!