Monday, March 2, 2009

Longhorns or Aggies?

It seems to be the big question in Texas. Since we are neither real Texans nor sports fans we really don't give a hoot but we see it all over. That and the Spurs. We find it really creepy when people have those full size Spurs players silhouettes in the back windows of their cars. WEIRD. Whatever.

Anyway I was looking at the hoop tape colors I had and realized I had both the Aggie and Longhorn colors and thought hey, that might be kind of entertaining for some you know, Texan? So I wrapped them and voila! I like the Aggies colors better, maroon and white is so much prettier than shit brown and orange don't you think? I covered most of the brown though with the fat sparklie orange and the slim white. The brown is just a wee bit of back ground now. I decided that the maroon was too subtle a tape, it's hockey tape (awesome stuff, great for hoops, sticks to the body wonderfully!) so it's a mat finish and really not all that spectacular as far as looks go so I made the base color for the hoop silver. Much more bling. Also the Aggies one I made as a collapsible hoop. It has 2 connectors so you can twist it in half and fold it much like those car shade covers. It's a stout tubing though and I haven't folded it a lot so I had to hold it down to take the picture, pardon the footsie. Sadly this is the most entertaining thing going on here, me taping up hoops while the dogs snore it up on my bed. Wazzup with that?

Oh and also, my friend Kim asked for me to make her one, her daughter likes purple so I wrapped one in a purple base. Kinda looks like grape kool aid color doesn't it?


Jamie said...

Could be Wisconsin Badgers too, but they are Cardinal Red and White.

MichelleSG said...

I have red but it's a sparklie hearts pattern, not hockey tape. I think I have a decent enough combo if someone wanted me to do a sports pattern I could probably whip it out. Plus now that I can do a collapsible I can ship them too!

Anonymous said...

ooooo! AM would totally go for that purple color. JC would go for something BLUE or black.

(how much to get you to make some for me and the kids?!)