Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ever wonder what if you did something else when you grew up?

One of the things my hunny makes fun of is the fact that I am one of the only people we know that actually does what they went to school for. I personally believe that is a direct result of not being a trust fund baby. I worked my ass off to get my degree, was married too an ass hat in the military, transferred in and out of a total of 7 colleges, yes 7, before completing my bachelors of science. I did get my associates in there somewhere. I paid for it all myself, including living expenses, so each and every semester unit was of my own doing. Yes, I'll be paying off my student loan well into my 50's but I didn't take one minute of that grueling battle for granted. No one, not one single soul, can tell me that they never had a chance at getting a college degree. I am living proof that you can do it on your own. It sucks but it can be done.

I have been thinking lately (not seriously) of what else I'd do if I wasn't doing what I was doing now. I had a discussion with a co-worker of mine today and he was talking about how college degree people were now working at places like McDonalds and that the services in places like these were now incredibly better. I haven't experienced this yet, our job market here is better than most so we still have the same raving morons working at the drive throughs but I could see how this could be an interesting twist. Fortunately for myself I have a few bazillion options for me that I've trained for if something bad would happen and I lost my job, before I would have to resort to Micky D's. Going through 9 years of college and several moves gives you a background in a plethora of job skills.

Anyway I was thinking, if I wanted to switch what I was doing, what is it that I would like to try? I've been an optimetric technician, a bank teller, a dog trainer, a vet tech (this is by far the best back up, there's always a need), and a bank teller (a very fun job), to name a few. But I contacted a friend from college recently. She is still trudging her way through college but she has 3 young kids so kudos to her for still being in. She is the purchasing person for Flying Dog Brewery. When I found that out I was like, OMG how cool is that!? I don't drink beer but I always had a fascination for it. In college one of our chemistry class field trips/assignments was to a local brewery (not Flying Dog, I don't know if they were even around then) but something like Blue Mountain I think. I can't remember, I'm too old and the hard drive that is my brain is too archaic and too small a capacity. Anyway that's when I learned that most brew meisters are chemists. I assumed they were either ex-frat boys or microbiologists. Silly me. Ever since then I've had this wild dream to be a brew meister. My husband would be so stoked, Irishman that he is.

So this prompts me to ask, what is it you'd pick now that you are grown up to be when you grow up? It may not be like me, who is geek enough to admit that I'd still desire to be something chemistry-y. No I mean if you had the chance and financial capability to be a tour guide for Disneyland, that kind of idea. Cruise ship driver? Fashion model photographer? Go ahead, your wildest insane job. The economy is shit, you may just get a chance to throw real practical jobs out the window. People are doing all over the place, I just read an article in CNN about it. Electrical Engineer loses her job and opens her own hair salon. I'm loving the changes and hope there are some good things to this crap economy like people who had these wild dream jobs but went with the conservative ones instead only to be tossed out when things got rough. Nothing quite like a forced second chance! So fess up, what do you want to be now that you're grown up?


Trailboss said...

I would love to be a jockey. I have always wanted to be one but never had the chance. It seems funny now, but I never really thought about what I wanted to do. I got a job w/the phone company at 21 and worked there for 10 yrs. I thought I would retire from there but it didn't work out like that. No regrets though.

Anonymous said...

An Astronaut. omigod I wanna be an astronaut. Payload specialist. Prolly ship's doctor. Call me Bones.

MichelleSG said...

Jockey, wow, those guys are wee little things! You don't realize how small they are until you stand next to them, tiny.

Bones, now her I could totally be. My gig is the other little guy though, the one with curly hair. You know, the one that runs the mas spec and play with bugs? And loves it? Yeah that's me.