Sunday, March 22, 2009

Varmit problems

We live in a subdivision in suburbia, it still has a wee bit of wild life left over. Not a lot, just a wee little bit. Rabbits mostly and the squirrels that normally live closer to the green belts. My neighbor came up to me yesterday and told me that I have 3 baby squirrels living in my front doorway. ? We don't use the front door, we are one of the few families that actually park both cars in the garage so we always go in through the garage door. Consequently I have no idea how long these 3 adolescent squirrels have been mooching off of my porch. Sadly they are totally unafraid of humans and small dogs. My neighbor figured out there were their because their maltese came over and was sniffing at them. And they didn't move. He thinks someone has been feeding them because they don't go out and forage, they just hang out on my porch. I went out late last night and sure enough they were sleeping out there. On the ground. Suicidal much? I don't think they are long for this world if they don't run from predators. They get irritated with you if you get within 2 feet of them. 2 feet. Hello I can snatch them up fast enough from that distance and there isn't much they could do about it. Not that I would mind you. They don't even run when we hose them down, yeah we tried that yesterday.

So anyone know of a good way to get these buggers back up in a tree and not mooching off my mortgage?

This really is how close I can get to the bugger. I don't know how to use the zoom on my camera so it's real life close.

See him here on the right halfway up the column? I wanted to show this picture so you know where they live in relation to my front door. They live on the inside of that column he's attached to which is where the above picture was taken.


Angie in Texas said...

there's a vet off west avenue that will take in "wild" animals and have them delivered to "a place" . . . we did that with some baby bunnies a while ago.

in the meantime, though they are S*O fackin' cute be careful - squirrels are NOT to be trusted! they bite . . . don't ask how i know that.

Trailboss said...

Oh girl....I can't stand squirrels. I don't like vermon at all! U don't want to hear my suggestion!

MichelleSG said...

Yeah well I don't want to shoot it, we don't have anything smaller than a 9mm and I am not breaking any of my brick work over some adolescent rodents. I could go at them with the paintball gun but then they wouldn't be dead, just seriously wounded. And can I also just say I do not want to be cleaning up carcasses! We did some lawn work in the front yard on Sunday. I think they finally figured out that someone lives in our house and I haven't seen them again. Cross you fingers!

Stephanie said...

But... but... but he's so CUTE!

Kimberly said...

Okay the only thing we are getting around here are fire ants and roaches! I will take the family of squirrels anyday :)