Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My schizophrenic web designer friend

I have this friend. He and his wife were San Diegans just like ourselves and a few months before we moved out to become Texans they too transferred out here to the Great State of Heat. Sadly they moved to the DFW region which is hella north of us so we don't see them that often but they did come down and visit us a year or so back when they took that lovely photo you see of the whole family (sans Corbin since he wasn't born yet) in my sidebar.

C.L. (our friend) and his wife Mona have a business in DFW where they do photography, event planning, and web site development, oh and invitations and the like too. Their business is called CLM Creative and the website goes through changes every so often. His blog undergoes changes more frequently which is why I call him schizophrenic. It drives me nuts. He usually calls on his friends to give him feed back on how well it works and tweeks from there. He recently updated the website and I really love it. Also I noticed he put that awesome photo he took of the family up in the pets section of the example photography. I love it, that picture was not taken in a studio nor was it set up other than they said ok all you guys sit over there. It was in our dark little living room, no natural light, just the ceiling fan light. No props, stands, screens, nada. I think he seriously knows how to Photoshop or something. That and a kick ass camera also helps huh?

Regardless I invite ya'll to go have a look see and tell me what you do and do not like about it. Or tell him and say I sent you, he will not only find it amusing but be totally unsurprised at my audacity. He is also and incredible author that sends me stuff to review that he's written so he's used to my total and complete, if not gentle, opinions. Poor man. His writing is STELLAR though and every time he sends me something new (a rarity nowadays, sadly) I get all kinds of excited. Really, it's better than any other authors stuff I obsess over. And btw, I'm a reader of the obsessive kind. If I find a book I like I must read all of the books that person has written. CL is just as good as if not better than all of them.

Go over, look, criticize, tell him where you came from...

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