Friday, May 1, 2009

The food tastes in this city are just beyond me

After moving to San Antonio we noticed a few odd things about their cuisine. The primary being, in general, it sucks. I could elaborate but I am just going to stick on one topic today, I'll rant about the rest of the food later. One of the things we loved back in San Diego and, well, any other city in the US, is bagel stores. I think I've mentioned before that we had a slight lack of them here.

Einsteins has yet to open, maybe in June. I have asked others here why there aren't any bagel stores and the answer is always the same. They say the natives only like breakfast tacos or doughnuts for breakfast. No wonder we are one of the top 5 fattest cities in the US. No bagels aren't exactly the diet breakfast but damn they are better than grease in a tortilla or fried dough with sugar.

I figured that since everyone says that no one here would eat a bagel for breakfast that the lone bagel store in this town would be well, not terribly busy. They have no competition and normally if a store is doing well then competition is sure to pop up right? I guess not because in a fit of need (hormone induced I'm sure) this morning I HAD TO HAVE a bagel. So I went to our lone bagel store and damn, they had a line going out the friggin door. So this is what happens when a bunch of other people move into San Antonio right? I mean the natives won't touch them but dang dude, we transplants sure do jones for the good stuff huh?

I'm curious to see how well the new Einsteins does and even more curious to see how long until they open several more stores because I tell you what (shh don't tell the natives), there's a market for them bagels out here....

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Stephanie said...

I loooove a good bagel. Although, I love a good donut, too. Not sure which I'd choose. I suppose it'd depend on how my pants fit that day.