Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hell Spawn

No really, she is. I have the new foster dog and I can't stand her. She obviously never had any discipline in her previous home and it has made for a dog that has no endering qualities. She gets up on the table to steal food, like all 4 paws on the table. She scratches, whines, and barks when crated. The same when she's put outside but she scratches at the window screens. Her housetraining? Not so good. And leash manners? No, she has none, she's just horrid. She's a seizure dog though and I don't want to stress her any more than I have to. I took her to the vet today to get acupuncture treatment to lower her chances of getting a seizure while she's with us. It did not go well but at least she didn't seize. Turns out she's vet aggressive, like seriously. And my vet is a holistic one with an entirely different atmosphere than the average vet office. A very unpleasant experience that my vet was a total trooper through. In the beginning my vet held her in her lap and loved on her, rubbed her tummy and the dog was just totally happy. Then I held her and the vet tried to look in her ear. She flipped out, tried biting and snapping like a crazy wild freak. Luckily I have 5 years of experience as a vet tech and my instinct was to clamp down on her. Normally you can at least make some sort of noise and it'll distract them a bit but this dog is all kinds of discipline ignorant. She went after my big dog and he, of course, responded in kind. She challenges all my dogs but Jaynie doesn't tolerate that crap from any one. I was able to grab his collar and pull him off before anything bad happened but then she just tried to attack him again. Stupid dog. So not only does she not know human boundaries but dog also. I didn't get a full night's sleep for the first week we had her because at 2 am she'd go off barking like mad in her crate. She was crated at night in her old home so I continued on with that here. My dogs don't sleep in crates, they're spoiled and in my room. I got fed up with it waking my kid so I now put her in her crate in the garage at night. My master bedroom is on top of the garage so I can still hear her (just in case she seizes) but the dd can't (thankfully) she needs her sleep. So I am all kinds of ready for this girl to get another home asap.

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Kimberly said...

Oh hell no!! the whole no sleep thing would not work with me, the doggie must go :) Still praying a home is found and soon...

luv your blog girl!