Sunday, March 23, 2008

High School Musical on ice

Not that bad really, not nearly as bad as The Wiggles concert we took the dd to when she was 3. DD was given 4 tickets to it and so we took her and her bf, they just loved it. Disney did a great job of doing both HS Musical 1 and 2 on ice and squeezing in the stories but of course it's not like they were complicated stories. The ice skaters/actors have wonderful energy and enthusiasm which is exactly what is needed when entertaining kids of this age group. We left the house at 12:15, picked up the little friend, did the Micky D's drive thru and managed to get to the Alamodome and park by the time the show started. We got home at 3:30 with no melt downs, small miracles. All in all a good day with the kid and yeah, it did have potential for disaster or being a really really bad show but it was all good.

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