Thursday, March 20, 2008

The sound of sirens wailing

Oh no wait, that's just the sound of my foster dog. Because you know, life is sooo hard. I have put her in her crate outside because she makes such a fuss. I let her out for awhile in the back yard but of course, once again, she decided that the way to get my attention was to scratch at the window screens. We have defenses up so that dogs can't destroy the door when they scratch at it but my dogs are not smart (or rather, dumb enough) to go at the window screens. So now, as punishment, every time she goes at the windows she goes in the crate. Outside. I don't like using the crate as punishment but that is what we are left with. She destroys doors and walls if you try to use a room. I don't keep her in the house anymore because I really don't like the smell of dog poop in the house. Her old owner had her anal glands removed and now she leaks poo. It smells. And, once again, I have nothing at all positive to say about this dog. Her old owners raised a monster and I don't want her in my house. We are still waiting for an answer for another foster home for her but it's taken me awhile to get any answer back from the people in charge of placing, or rather, re-placing her. One problem with this rescue is that they say they are 'for the dog' but I really think they are all about making their image great and once the dog has a foster home they could give a crap if it's working well or appropriate. If this monster bites my kid she's dead. I already told them I'd take her to be euthanized myself. If I don't get any response from them next week I'm dropping her off at animal control and telling them they can pick her ass up themselves. This is my 3rd foster dog and I am so not impressed with how any of these dogs were handled in foster care. They did not do right by any of them. I have a friend who was basically kicked out as a foster parent and he's a lucky one. I will never ever foster for them again.

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Vic44 said...

Thanks for all you do for needy dogs. I am sorry you have a high needs pup right now.

Victoria with Holly rescue dalmatian
PS love the stamping stuff too!