Thursday, March 27, 2008

Psycho with a knife

My little frenchie Corbin knows for a fact, since he first met the big dog Jayne, that to him Jayne is a psycho with a knife. Cobie has this terrified whites of the eyes showing kinda look every time Jayne takes notice of him. It's terribly amusing and yes, I know I'm going to doggie parent hell for said amusement but I don't care. Anyway we moved the big dog crates behind the couch (under the high bar that is in the most impractical place possible, totally lame space usage) and Jayne hangs out in his big crate back there a lot. Corbie (for a reason no one understands) also likes sleeping in Jayne's crate. Maybe he dreams of being the big dog in the house, classic little man syndrome, who knows. Regardless, this evening I notice Corbie in the big crate and low and behold Janie wants to hang in his crate so he goes on in. Ooohh the expression on Corbie's face was priceless, he was horrified that he'd be punished by Jayne for taking his spot. Now mind you this is an extra large Dane crate, it's huge. So Jayne goes in, sniffs the terrified Corbie and then curls himself in this little Jaynie ball in the far back of the crate (he's autistic, he doesn't like anyone touching him. ever.) as small as can be and goes to sleep. Corbie then proceeds to quietly, with the least amount of movement possible using those little 3 inch legs, crawl out of the Jayne crate and move into the Roxy crate, a normal large crate that they have to go past to get into the big Jayne crate. Both are now contentedly asleep in the crates while Roxy is the smart one on the dog bed. *edited 2 hours later-Roxy is an idiot, she squeezed her fat butt into Corbie's dog bed. Made for 25lb butt dogs. *It's so fun to watch the doggie dynamics of the household and see them work it out amongst themselves. I try to intervene only when necessary. Usually when Jayne is feeling particularly sensitive and is having problems functioning like a normal dog. That's about once a week now that the dh isn't here and it's jacking with the familial balance. Yes, I am still displeased with his absence. He will suffer for it.

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