Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's raining today

And it's a very gray dreary rain. Winter came late to Texas, apparently it'll be snowing in Dallas. I'm glad we're 5 hours south of that stuff! Still, I'm by myself with a bunch of ingrate dogs right now and it's gloomy. My boxer girl Roxy had stolen a 5lb bag of treats off the kitchen island last night while I was up giving the kid a bath. I heard the foster dog screaming up a storm and came down to see what was wrong. Roxy was on the dog bed next to the foster's crate gorging herself on a few pounds of oatmeal peanut butter treats. Ugh. She spent the rest of the evening trying to relieve her obvious discomfort by drinking gallons of water. Oh no I don't think so. The expansion factor of the dry oatmeal once water hit it would be catastrophic. I took up the water and watched her walk around the house like a woman in her 15th month of pregnancy. She's still looking fat this morning, idiot. Gluttony thy name is Roxy. She was a stray when the shelter found her and had obviously just had a litter of puppies. I don't think she's ever gotten over that feeling of starvation. Obviously. I was up twice last night letting her out and the bedroom smelled terrible with her noxious gas.
Strangely she's only puked twice, once last night and a little around noon today. Usually she'll heave up more than that when she over does it. She's done this before you see. It's one of the reasons she has to be crated when were not in the house, she'll dig at the cabinets to get in them. Drives me nuts!! Jaynie will mad dog the windows when people walk by, Corbie will chew everything, including the window sills. GAH! So everyone is crated when we are out. I never trust fosters out either. As far as I'm concerned it's not my dog so I'm going to be overly cautious with them. My dogs are crated, so are any fosters.

So today I'm at home, alone, with farting dogs that won't go outside unless I can point them towards an open door, plant my foot up their butt, and shove.

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