Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Because I like over extending myself

No really I don't but lately, or rather, this week, I'm really going for gold. I have things I need to get done like say buy a car, make sure the kid does her home work and gets fed every night, make sure the chinchilla has food (he ran out and we buy his food at the feed store), the dogs get food (I didn't manage to get that done but they have enough for breakfast on Thursday so they'll live), the mother in law's b-day present is bought, oh and the kid, I need to make all her Valentines Day cards for 21 classmates. Party is Thursday. This here is my list for what to do on Wednesday night. Overextended much? Yeah it's a mom thing.

I left work, stopped at the feed store and picked up the chin food. Headed out again and picked up the kid, took her straight to the place to get the mil present and then head home. I was going to stop at the pet food store for the dog food (feed store doesn't carry the kind I get for them) but that was just too much for me to take at that moment because I knew I had to get back home, check the kid's hw (thankfully she didn't have any) and finish the beef stew I had put in the crock pot this morning. Now there's forethought for ya huh? I even printed out the info the kid needs for her hw tomorrow night for her daddy while I was at work today. Damn I was on it! I even put on the right color scrubs today. Miracles never cease around here.

The biggie for the evening though was going to be the kid's Valentines Day cards. I hadn't started yet. I had everything I needed though, I bought the little blank bookmarks and I was sure I had red and pink ink and had to have heart stamps in my massively un-used stamp collection. What you see depicted in the pictures is only a fraction of all the stamps I could have used so I'm glad I didn't go out and buy anything else! Yes, I made Valentine's Day cards for a 1st grade class. I know they are all just going to trash them once they rip the candy rings off but I tried. They are book marks so maybe their parents will recognize that before it goes in the trash. If not it won't emotionally traumatize me. I could have actually gone a bit more nutty with them and make them insanely fancy with only a little more effort but again,the kids just want the candy. I used Stickles to add a bit of bling. The ribbon was Christmas clearance ribbon so it cost me like maybe a quarter in ribbon. The most expensive part was the bookmarks, 1 pack of 50 for $2.25 and I didn't even use half. They are cute though and most importantly, the kid has bragging rights to the fact that her mommy hand made her book marks. Don't think for one minute that the diva won't point that out to everyone.

That's not why I did it though! I needed to get back into the 'productive' groove with regards to scrapping. I love it and I haven't done it in a century so here's to seeing how this helps get me started again. Really though if I could just make it so I don't have to be in a car dealership 3 nights a week I think my life would be hugely better with respect to time management.


Anonymous said...

i took the kids to HEB and they got to pick out their own cards. the end.

Kimberly said...

wish Nia was in her class so I could have a bookmark (I have been known to read 5 books at a time) so I wouldnt trash it. Seriously, they are CUTE! way to bust ass last night! When u get to scrappin let me know and I will come over to play :)

MichelleSG said...

Pfft, play? Do you know how long it took me to clear a space large enough to even get those damn things done? Criminy, longer than it took me to actually make the dang things. I have 25 more blank book marks, just let me know what colors you like and theme and I'll bust some out for ya!