Monday, February 16, 2009

Did I ever tell ya'll?

(that's me with a beehive, front and center)

I'm sure I've used that blog title before since it auto filled so you'll have to tolerate my redundancies. Just remember that when you use the search in my blog function that I'm sure ya'll use. A lot. Or rather never so ignore my blathering please.

Anyway I'm going to take you back in time a bit. Back to this period in time. Oh yeah, Facebook has all kinds of these pics of me....

(that's me back and center on top of the car)
This picture was dubbed The Breakfast Club on Facebook

Back in the day, high school that is, I was a busy busy woman. Much like today actually. I don't know what I was thinking. Please if I can ever pass on any kind of wisdom it would be to take it easy. Life is just going to haul on past me at an insane pace if I don't slow down sometime!

Back in the day I was much like I am now, I didn't get all fancy except on a few rare occasions. Like the time these 2 pics were taken. You'll notice I was wearing make up in both. Mostly because I knew I was having my picture taken otherwise I don't bother. Even now. My one thing that I did back then and loved to do was have my nails done. It made me feel pretty so it was my one indulgence. To this day I still feel prettier when my nails are painted. Which is why it's a crying shame that I never ever paint my nails. Even when the kid constantly begs me to do her nails. I'm a bad mom. I still do her nails. Well the hubby does them more often (he's a real good daddy, he'll even paint his if she asks) but I will paint them on occasion too. It's just I don't like to do them anywhere near going to bed because the enamel takes so long to set. It'll 'dry' quick but when you sleep on them they'll get blanket marks in them and that drives me INSANE. I'm ocd, I have mentioned that I'm sure.

Today I took the day off and oh, there's a new nail place that opened near the house. Dude, we're in suburbia, I was stoked when it opened. The daddy was home to watch the kid so I took the opportunity to go out and get a full set put on. I haven't had my nails done since the era these photos were taken. Keep in mind I graduated in '91...

So now I am polished once again. And I LOVE it. It's the little things in life you know.


Kimberly said...

I am like that but w/ my toes-I handle to much water (dishes) and kid crap that the moment I paint the nails, I look like trash because it is chipped. I am too lazy for the normal upkeep so the toes it is :)
This new place, how are the prices?

MichelleSG said...

I have the hubby wash the dishes, it's nice, or I wouldn't be able to do this. They'd peel right off. The new place is cheap. A full set only cost $25 and fills are $15. They do pedicures too, I just never do them because my feet are mini and my toe nails are micro sized. It takes me 1 minute to paint all of them.

Violet said...

I'm a toe girl, too. I would love to have my fingernails done but I'm a secretary and spend most of my day typing, which makes polish chip soooo fast. I always have my toes painted, even in the dead of winter when my toes are only naked in the shower.

I won't polish before bed, either - blanket marks ruin everything! Sweet mother of God, does that mean I'm ocd, too??

Anonymous said...

i LOVE getting my nails done too! (Shhhhh!, don't tell anyone.) but the practical korean in me tells me that because my done-up fingernails are just going to chip 2 seconds after leaving the salon, i usually only get my toes done. (clear or "pinky-natural" is what i go with on my hands . . . )

Anonymous said...

It's hard to find a nail place that will just do the thinnest coat of gel or silk over my nails (I need strength, not length)- they all want to glop on this horrible thick chunk of the powder and then my fingertips scream in agony as it hardens, and again every time I bend my fingers after that.

I can't stand having colour on my fingernails unless it's for a very special occasion and ONLY for that moment, it get stripped soon as I'm home. My everyday is a muted french tip, which I love the look of.

My toes.. always coloured, and because I'm so very sweet and generous to my man, I let him choose most of the time. He likes vibrant colours.