Sunday, February 15, 2009

I totally forgot to tell ya'll!

I am such a bad blogger, I did not keep ya'll up to the moment on the evil car drama! We did end up getting the 05 Jeep Wrangler. Yup, the financing (miraculously) went through at an exorbitant percentage rate. Don't worry, we'll eventually refinance when the banks get their asses beat down. Damn tight ass banks. They never got what they wanted, they just made an 'exception' for us since we didn't have a monthly home bill in the hubby's name.

The hubby is thrilled, he finally has his Jeep back. He's been dreaming about it for years and now that we don't have anything like an imminent infant on the way like the last time he had a Wrangler I'm cool with it. Plus I can actually get in and out of it since I am no longer insanely huge and pregnant. I'm still bitchy but I'm not bloated so I can still get in and out of it. We need to get grab handles and side steps for us 2 short girls still but it's do-able.

Today the child and I went up to Austin to hoop so I told the hubby he could go paintballing and take the Jeep. The 4Runner is still with us until Tuesday so we girls took it up to Austin, it's a gentler ride to say the very least. He took the Jeep and had a BALL. It was perfect for ballin and plus it looks cool right? In paintball it's all about the fashion. I'm totally serious here peeps, ask any teenaged boy paintballer. You would not believe how fashion conscious they are, it's nuts. One time the hunny was on a paintball team and those whiney assed boys could not agree on what color pants they were going to wear as a team. It was one particular style all with a black base but there was some part of them that had color (red, blue, or gray). It would have been easier had a there been a group a girly cheerleaders picking out a lipgloss color to share. So to go to the paintball field in a kick ass cool manly car is a fun little thing for the hubby. He's not terribly vain but he's always been more fashion conscious than me. I like letting him take the cool guy car to the field.

Really truly and honestly though the fact that the hubby wanted a Jeep real bad was only an added bonus and not the real reason I got it. The real reason was that it was a 6 speed V6 that hauls ass and I can fit my hoops in the back. That Corolla had no guts whatsoever and I couldn't fit a damn hoop in it. Why in the world was I going to pay $1000 more for that wee little car? So I may not have a comfort cushy ride but my ride hauls ass and fits my hoops in it. Plus the hubby is peached. Really, what more can a girl ask for?


Violet said...

Right on! Glad to read that the ordeal is over. Himself would be jealous - he lusts after a Wrangler, too.

MichelleSG said...

What is it with men and the need for a Wrangler? The hubby doesn't even go off roading!

Death before Decaf! said...

Not in this one anyway...yet!

I think the daughter would LOVE off-roading in a river wash or mild sand dune.

(sez the Beagle)

Trailboss said...

My daughter's boyfriend wants her or me to buy a jeep just like that. I picture Steph's vehicle being a pickup truck and I will just keep driving the wheels off of my 99 Camry! Glad you got what you wanted.

MichelleSG said...

Have you tried driving one of these suckers? They are not an 'easy' ride by any means. No I'm a pick up kinda gal myself but since I have a kid the only pick ups I can drive are the 4 door kind and damn are they expensive!