Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So I asked the hubby...

He was mentioning how I got several comments on that last post about nails, polish, etc and how we seem to all have at least a little bit of a thing for either toes or fingers being polished. Goes to show somewhere not so deep down we're all girlie girls no matter how impractical it is. I had to ask him though if he had a preference, polish or no polish, care or don't care. I was kind of surprised that he did have an opinion and that it was that he liked polish on a girl's nails. I've known this man for going on 20 years, you learn something new every day I suppose. Not only that but I don't have to feel too guilty about spending time and money on my nails now. Nifty!

Oh and btw Angie, the polish on these nails doesn't chip. It's the tips that they glued on that are white. The only polish on them is the clear coat and I doubt that'll do anything chip wise to annoy me. Barring ripping one of these puppies off (which hurts, I did that as a teen) the polish is essentially indestructible. And yes, the honey is still doing the dishes for me.

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Anonymous said...

oooo, how i envy you!