Thursday, February 19, 2009

Like fighting an uphill battle

That’s up a very very steep mountain really, not a hill. In the snow, at night, in Nepal. Where no one lives and no one else there to help. Yeah that’s what it’s been like with the hubby and his desire to go back to work as a school teacher. You know, what he went to college for? Remind me some time to write a post on what I think of trustfund babies and how they respect the college degree that was paid for by their mommies and daddies. I paid for my college myself and guess what, I use my degree. I may be paying off the student loan until I’m 50 something but I earn a living with it and I earn a very good paycheck.

The hubby? His mommy paid for his teaching degree and credential program. He tried being a teacher for while and decided that he didn’t like it. Must. Be. Nice. Since then he’s been floundering. For oh, 8+ years now. Some jobs he’s liked, most he hasn’t. He’s been a corrections officer for a full year come March. A job I was not keen on him taking but he wanted to be a parole officer and this was the closest thing that was available. We’ve been suffering through his incessant whining about this piss poor paying job for oh, a year come March. It’s a shitty job , the hours and pay are crap, and I’m essentially a single parent 50% of the time. I also have an alarm going off in my bedroom at 3am 50% of the time. 4 days on 4 days off so it could be weekdays or weekends depending. He misses many of the regular things that go on at the kid’s school, like the conferences that are going on today. It’s at 5:20pm but while that may be ok for most working parents he’s on 12 hours shifts. 86 miles away. It’s total bullshit but we’ve had to tolerate it because it’s what he wants to do and he has, since 2001, refused to go back to teaching.

He’s applied for a multitude of other jobs like he had back in San Diego but as some of you might have noticed, the job market is crap. Now let me mention that our local school system is opening 5-8 new schools every year. Our local schools, like the ones our child is going to and will be going to as she gets older, are all brand new. The high school opened this past fall and the junior high will open this fall. Her elementary opened 5 years ago and was built to accommodate 800 kids. It’s at 1200. This fall they are opening a new local elementary. Needless to say I think they may be hiring a few teachers in our immediate area. Now that’s just our neighborhood, our local district is doing this kind of growth throughout so there are other opportunities if you just want to drive, oh 10 miles. Certainly there will be jobs closer than 86 miles away. Mind you, I’m just throwing a wild guess out there. Oh and did I mention that starting pay for a teacher here is 50% more than what he's making now? Yeah, don't get me started in the logic.

Now in order for him to teach here we had to pay money to the great (insert sarcasm here) state of Texas for them to tell us what other money they want of ours to get his teaching credential valid in this state. We didn’t have the ‘spare cash’ for awhile but it didn’t matter, he has to fill out the application to be evaluated and go through the paperwork bs and like I said, he didn’t want to. I’ll let him plead his case on that one, I am bored with the bull shit and he’s got his own blog. Our tax return came back this year and I told him we could use some to pay for the evaluation if he was willing to go through the paperwork and become a teacher again. If not then I’d take the $200 and spend it like a woman with a chip on her shoulder. This I am fully capable of doing.

I don’t know if it was the one year mark coming up next month or the fact that his job is beyond stupid and not really what he was looking for in life (insert way more sarcasm here) but suddenly he was willing to get back into teaching. Or at least pay me some lip service, who knows. He did make mention of it on his blog, which is a big step in the right direction, but who knows. He went through the application process and once we hear back from them we’ll find out how much more money they went and what tests they need him to take. Apparently that’s how it works, you pay them to evaluate your credentials and then they have a bunch of tests they say you have to take to prove, I don’t know, that you can write and add? They charge like $250 for each test or something so I think it’s just another way for the state to extort money but that’s government for your right? Like being the most underpaid corrections department in the US isn’t bad enough now you have to pay your way up out of the trenches of hell. Hey he voluntarily went down there so I can’t say that he didn’t ask for it. I’m just glad there might be a light at the end of a tunnel that I previously though wasn’t a tunnel. It had been looking an awful lot like a pit with nothing but a black bottom. With no light. No staircase either. It was very much like I had lost all faith in my husband's ability to be any semblance of a provider. Yeah, there might be hope for him yet. We’ll see, time will tell and I’m sure I will keep you all up to date with the trials and tribulations of this trip too. Lord knows he doesn’t listen to me anymore. Unless I bitch about him on my blog. That always seems to get his attention. I don't know why...

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